The Dispensational Bible Study Starter Kit


This five-volume resource is perfect for the person who wants to begin to engage in serious personal Bible study. It’s time to put down the devotional material and open the Word. This resource contains:

  • The Old Scofield Bible – the King James Version with the 1917 version of the Scofield notes (bonded leather).
  • The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge – a classic cross reference treasury for over 100 years (hardbound).
  • Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance – perfect for word studies and letting Scripture interpret itself (hardbound).
  • Basic Bible Interpretation by Roy Zuck – a guide to how to interpret the Bible from a dispensational perspective (hardbound).
  • Basic Theology by Charles Ryrie – a classic in its own time, helping you understand the theological framework of the Scriptures (hardbound).


“Any Christian that invests time and effort into these five sources will be a better Bible scholar than most professors. These are the most valuable books on my shelves in my library. I do not prepare a sermon or a lesson without consulting these resources. It is amazing to me that Christians do not invest more time and money into their knowledge of Scripture. It will be my privilege to help you to learn and get the most out of these resources in the weeks to come. I will have a sample starter pack available for your consideration at the office as soon as possible. The only way to twist proof your life is to have a baseline. If you don’t know the Scriptures, then you won’t know when Scripture is being twisted.” -Pastor Allen Rea, Higgston Baptist Church


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