After his wife died, he went straight to the Scripture

Our Journey After Death


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What happens when a person comes to the end of life and steps into their next journey?

That is exactly what author W.C. Dietrich wanted to know. 

Here is just a snippet of his testimony-

We were just two months away from celebrating our 50th Anniversary when my wife suffered a massive brain hemorrhage. After a six-day coma, she was gone. My sorrow and loneliness were almost overwhelming, and yet I knew I had to carry on with my life. As the pain of losing her began to subside, I sought to comfort myself by focusing on her gain instead of my loss. My Christian upbringing told me that although her body was in the grave, her soul was in Heaven. Yet my general knowledge of scripture raised questions in my mind about whether this transition was immediate. It was not a question of her final destination, but rather a need to know what the Bible specifically reveals about the afterlife. I wanted to know, not just assume that the conventional opinion was borne out in God’s Word.

A sad journey for one man with the loss of his wife led to a Biblical journey to discover Our Journey After Death.

You likely know that –

1. There is NO universally accepted belief regarding the afterlife.

2. The various ways in which persons and societies have answered the questions of the afterlife are almost always based on human reasoning.

3. As Christians, we trust the BIBLE to be the divine revelation of truth, and our understanding of life after death must be based on Biblical revelation alone.


Our Journey After Death is a “question the assumptions” kind of book. Are our commonly held assumptions about the afterlife based on Human Speculation or Divine Revelation (which is the subtitle of the book).


As the author considered whether or not the marriage relationship continues in Heaven, he pondered the meaning of Matthew 22:30, which speaks about marriage after the resurrection , saying-

…when examining the Greek text, the verb gamousin is only used to mean the act of marrying, as when a man takes a bride in marriage. Likewise, the verb exgamizontai means to give in marriage, as when the father gives his daughter to be married. So in a literal sense, this means that new marriages will not be conducted in heaven, since angels do not marry each other and neither will people marry in their resurrected bodies. However, I do not believe we can conclude that existing marriages will not be honored in the manner God chooses.

All of us consider the questions of death, judgment, eternal destiny, and even the Tribulation and the coming Kingdom. This short book is only 65 pages but will really draw you to think and draw you to the Word.

Our Journey After Death

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