Mental Illness: The Reality of the Physical Nature ( Mental Illness #3 )


In spite of the fact that no biological etiologies, markers, or remedies exist, biological psychiatrists assert that mental illnesses are validated physical diseases. But are mental struggles truly biologically caused or are the observable and measurable physical problems simply effects of the mind? Many other relevant questions have arisen with the introduction of neuroimaging, and this volume seeks to answer many of those most pressing. For example, can the mind be observed both through scientific observation and through EEGs and fMRIs? Is there empirical evidence to prove or disprove the brain-dysfunction, genetic defect, and chemical imbalance theories? Does valid physical impairment ever cause moral failure? These questions and more are important topics that this volume explores.


Author: Daniel R. Berger II 

Publisher: Alethia International Publications 

ISBN: 9780986411489, 978098641148 

Publish Date: Apr 1, 2016 


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