Is Genesis History? DVD


“An engrossing primer on why we can feel confident believing the Bible’s account of creation.” – WORLD Magazine

Is Genesis History? is a fascinating new look at the biblical, historical, and scientific evidence for Creation and the Flood. Learn from more than a dozen scientists and scholars as they explore the world around us in light of Genesis.

Dr. Del Tackett, creator of “The Truth Project,” hikes through canyons, climbs up mountains and dives below the sea in an exploration of two competing views … one compelling truth.

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Experts Interviewed

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“Will strengthen confidence in Scripture, clarify understanding of the relationships of revelation, science, history, and faith, and enhance understanding of difficult questions all while being both beautiful and entertaining.” – E. Calvin Beisner, PhD

Topics Covered

One of the biggest challenges in understanding the issues surrounding Genesis is that there is so much to consider. It’s easy to get lost in the trees and lose sight of the forest. The movie’s goal is to make it easier to understand these fairly complex topics. Here’s an overview of topics explored in the film:

  • Paradigms
  • Created Kinds
  • Fossil Record
  • DNA
  • Transitional Forms
  • Historic Views
  • Evolution
  • Ecosystems
  • Global Flood
  • Starlight
  • Tower of Babel
  • Big Bang
  • Rock Layers
  • Genealogies
  • Radiocarbon Dating
  • Beauty
  • Hebrew Text
  • Dinosaurs
  • Epochs of History
  • Neanderthals
  • Nautiloids
  • Soft Tissue
  • Coal Formation
  • Science
  • Design
  • Culture
  • Radioisotope Dating
  • Tree of Life
  • Adam & Eve
  • Ice Age
  • Post-Flood
  • Purpose


Feature Documentary – 101 min

Bonus Features:

  • Q&A with Del Tackett & Scientists – 13min
  • The Ice Age & Climate Change: Larry Vardiman, PhD – 15min
  • Engineering the Universe: Stuart Burgess, PhD – 18min
  • The Church and Creation – Douglas Kelly, PhD – 12min
  • Meet the Scientists, Del Tackett, Production Company – 15min

Language: English with subtitles available in both Spanish and English


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