It’s summer time: Vacation Bible Schools, Summer Camps, Summer Bible Conferences, Vacation time, a trip to the mountains, and / or the beach – and the calendar is full! It’s a great time for sharing the Good News, strengthening the believers, and nurturing your faith. Yet there are great times to set on the patio, under the shade tree, or on the beach with a good book and a tall glass of Iced tea – some like it sweetened.

Summer reading suggestions: 

Keys to Bible Prophecy, by James C. Morris. “Keys to Bible Prophecy is a thorough and comprehensible guide to all the kay time periods, key individuals, and key events of Bible prophecy” Its our newest publication – Ships July 15th. List price $29.95 Pastor’s price $23.96.

Our Journey After Death, by W.C. Dietrich, “In choosing to trust solely in the divine revelation for the truth about about the afterlife, the author leads readers into the deep questions of Our Journey After Death.  List price $7.99; Sale price – $6.39

The Handbook of Biblical Chronology, Revised by Jack Finegan. “Have you been skipping references to time Ain the Bible because they seem too confusing? This book clarifies those ancient systems of time reckoning and the biblical passages that use them.” List price $29.95, sale price $22.46(Note: these books have slight (almost unnoticable) imperfections.)

Or by all three for $52.81