Shepherding a Child’s Heart (2ND ed.)


‘Shepherding a Child’s Heart’ is about how to speak to the heart of your child. The things your child does and says flow from the heart. Luke 6:45 puts it this way: “]¬‚¬]out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.” Written for parents with children of any age, this insightful book provides perspectives and procedures for shepherding your child’s heart into the paths of life.

In this revised edition, Dr. Tedd Tripp not only draws on his thirty years experience as a pastor, counselor, school administrator, and father, but he also shares insights gained in many years of teaching this material in conferences worldwide, providing more valuable help for parents.


Author: Tedd Tripp 

Publisher: Shepherd Press 

ISBN: 9780966378603, 0966378601 

Publish Date: Sep 1, 1998 

Binding: Paperback
Copyright Date: 2005


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